Dentakis S.A.


Dentakis S.A

In 1903 Leonidas Dentakis started his company. The best raw ingredients, the perfect weather conditions in Greece and Leonidas’ passion guaranteed the best quality of his products. Then his son Emmanouel took over the company and continued his work.


Dentakis’ sons Leonidas and Andreas are the current owners of Dentakis S.A. The two brothers have been expanding the company, which today owns its owns greenhouses, packaging units and warehouses located in the land of their ancestors, Crete.

Since 1970 the company holds a leading position in the fresh fruit and vegetable market based at the Central Market of Athens. Dentakis S.A. is a dynamic, modern, advanced, customer friendly company using up-to-date management strategies and efficient procedures.

Realizing the customer’s need to minimize cost and transport time, Dentakis S.A. ensures high quality product in the best possible price. Its aim is to gain the trust of customers and consumers as well as to build long lasting partnerships, providing quality fruit and vegetables, choosing for you and delivering it to your preferred location.

Dentakis S.A. is specialized in the production, packaging and delivering different types of tomatoes following new trends so as far to cover its partners’ wishes and conquer the competition.

Dentakis S.A. has developed and implemented Safety Management System Food under the certifications HASSP & ISO 22000:2005. All products are packaged and certified so as to arrive fresh to each partner and, as a result, to the consumers.

Dentakis S.A. exports to various countries in Europe such as Germany, France, England, Sweden, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and others. Large supermarket chains, hotels, large farmers markets, retail stores and deli shops are among the company’s main clients in the Greek market.

The Mediterranean nutrition, which enhances good health and longevity, is based on Cretan nutrition.

As we say in our land: Crete is God’s garden, because it provides blessed products.

Dentakis S.A. adhering to traditions of Crete and having as a starting point the principles of Mediterranean nutrition brings fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables from God’s garden daily to the table throughout the world.


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