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Kolios Company S.A.


Kolios Company S.A.

KOLIOS COMPAMY SA is one of the main and biggest export companies of Kiwi in Greece. The company was founded back in 1984 as "EGC Kolios OE" and based in Arta in the Epirus region.

A few years later – in 1994 – the company took its final form as “ Kolios Company SA” and in November 2006 it expanded through many asset acquisitions it made. Its geographical location is quite privileged and known for the quality and the taste of fresh fruits, primarily kiwi. It is also very near to two of the biggest ports of Greece.

High quality products
Regarding the products that the company produces, trades and exports, the most important ones are kiwis. The high quality of the products, which can fulfill the needs of the market worldwide, are a result of an excellent quality of kiwi, modern technology and facilities in combination with the well trained employees of the company. Our products are exported to E.E., USA, Middle East, China, Indonesia, India, Ukraine and other countries.

The business plans
“Kolios Company SA” has the license to grow and legally market the Soreli Golden kiwi. The Soreli kiwi has been established since 2012 in Greece, and is now solely under the control of the Kolios Company S.A. The Soreli Golden kiwi is a protected variety. It is also a variety of kiwi which ripens earlier, than the Hayward variety, with a characteristic yellow flesh and a sweeter taste. It is estimated that its cultivation in Greece will expand within the following years.

“Kolios Company S.A” has invested in its own production of the Hayward kiwi and the Soreli Golden kiwi in order to ensure a closer control in every stage of production, which then guarantees a higher quality end product.

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