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Zeus Kiwi S.A. 


Zeus Kiwi S.A.

Zeus Kiwi s.a. was founded in 1991. It was funded by 168 growers from the Pieria Prefecture who were its first shareholders.


Located at the Municipal department  of Karitsa in the Municipality of Dion at the foothills of Mount Olympus. Managed  by a council of seven elected member (7) comprising of the Chairman, Vice-chairman,  an Adviser and four (4) members. It employs approximately 70 workers on a seasonal  basis and 10 permanent staff memebers. It is a vertical organisation which produces,  collects, maintains, packs and exports fresh products. Zeus began with the production,  packing and distribution of kiwis. Later Zeus expanded its activities in the growing and  marketing of plums and seedless grapes. In 1997 Zeus Kiwi was the 1st group of growers in Greece to be recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture under the European  Union Regulation 2200/96. (Recognition No. 70/2808-97). Since then Zeus Kiwi has  been awarded several operational programs totalling 1.200.000 €. Zeus Kiwi s.a exports exclusively products from its own group of contracted growers. All production is certified according to the rules of Integrated Crop Management and Global-gap. The members of Zeus Kiwi group of growers now exceeds 200, with a total cultivated area of 230 hectares. 

Zeus Kiwi s.a applies a pioneering policy in its quest for quality and safety to the consumer and its brand name has become synonymous with this. Zeus’ experience in the production of fresh fruits combined with the application of several quality systems, guarantee the overall quality of its products. Zeus Kiwi s.a. has applied systems of quality since 1993, being the first organisation in Greece which was certified according to the rules of Integrated Crop Management (Agro 2.1-2.2) by AGROCERT of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture. In fact Zeus Kiwi s.a was the company which contributed in formulating the protocol of ICM with AGROCERT for the Greek Ministry of Agriculture. The system of Integrated Crop Management ensures the safe and sustainable growing and production of fresh produce.

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