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Anatoli S.A.


Profil Anatoli

The company Anatoli S.A is a Greek family business founded in 2006, which operates in the trade and export of fruit and vegetables using the most efficient methods for the safe transportation of the products in the right time and highest quality. 

Athanasios Mezes and the rest of the management team cooperate with the most experienced and certified producers in Greece. The headquarter is located at Monospita-Chariessa and is the main location that the various operations take place.

The main objective of the company is to provide reliable products and services to our customers. The reliability of our products and services, is the objective which reflects that we are targeting customers that also value this reliability. Moreover, we are focused and committed to satisfy the requests of our customers by setting other objectives as well in order to innovate and differentiate the product in higher level than our competitors.

As for the facilities and the equipment of the company. the company operates high tech refrigerators for the storage and maintenance of fruits as well as its own plastic box/container making machines.

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Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre154 Egnatias Street, 546 36 THESSALONIKI


Phone: +30 2310 291 161
Fax: +30 2310 291 554